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Objectives of the Trust

The objectives for which the Trust is established are any or all of the following:

  • To professionally manage the Trust and its funds including the initial Endowment Fund received from the Government and also other funds subsequently received.

  • To arrange for additional funds to augment the initial Endowment Fund for investment as well as other grants and donations for direct utilization for providing grants for research and research facilitation (Including knowledge management) for agricultural development in Bangladesh.

  • To utilize the income received through investment of the initial Endowment Fund to provide stable funding for agricultural research through Competitive Grants Program (CGP) managed and operated by the KGF established in 2006 under the Companies Act 1994.

  • To arrange national and international trainings, meetings, seminar, workshops and other similar events to publicize the role of the Trust and facilitate an enabling environment for research for agricultural development and receive fund for such purposes.

  • To publish information related to the roles and functions of the Trust, its annual and other reports as well as research results in print and digital forms and/or facilitate such publications and receive funding for such purposes.

  • To initiate, develop and maintain professional links with organization and individuals with aims and objectives of similar nature to the Trust both nationally and internationally.

  • To undertake any other activity for fulfilling any or all of the above objectives as deemed fit by the BOT.
19 August, 2020

Bangladesh Krishi Gobeshona Endowment Trust (BKGET) was established by the Government of Bangladesh in 20 April, 2008 as an entity under the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), in consultation with the Ministry of Finance.