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Functions of the Board of Trustees

The BOT shall be responsible for the following functions:

  • To design a policy of prudent investment and distribution of the funds endowed to the Trust, so as to protect and preserve the corpus of the Endowment Fund(s), ensure a balance between risks and returns and growth of the endowment principal and ensure implementation of the policy.

  • To distribute the proceeds of the endowment funds for financing CGP and other operational budget requirements of KGF of the Trust on a timely basis.

  • Explore opportunities for alternative Investment of the endowment fund to maximize returns consistent with minimum risks.

  • Mobilization of donations and contributions for further augmenting the resources and incomes of the Trust.

  • Collection of market intelligence and monitoring of the investment portfolio for making investment decisions.

  • Keep track of the timely inflow and outflow of income from and to the Trust accounts and oversight of the operation of the accounts of the fund(s).

  • Monitor and oversee of the utilization of the fund(s) i.e., whether the resources provided to immediate beneficiaries are being utilized for the purpose for which these were provided and submit reports annually to the Author.

  • Any other functions as may be required to protecting, preserving and prudent investment and growth of the funds and incomes of the Trust and the beneficiaries and other ancillary activities.
19 August, 2020

Bangladesh Krishi Gobeshona Endowment Trust (BKGET) was established by the Government of Bangladesh in 20 April, 2008 as an entity under the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), in consultation with the Ministry of Finance.