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Message from the Chairman

Bangladesh KrishiGobeshona Endowment Trust (BKGET) is conducting its business with appropriate guidance of Board of Trustees. The agricultural research endowment fund is now ballooning in size with the judicious policies and decision by the Board of Trustees. In the meantime a sum of TK. 126.69 crore (One hundred twenty six crore and sixty nine lac) only already been released to KrishiGobeshona Foundation (KGF) to support the agricultural research projects aiming self-sufficiency in food production in the country.

We are happy to hold BKGET 10th Annual General Meeting after concluding a year of achievement. Our BoT has been noted for outstanding performance since its beginning and in many respects, its performance reached new heights with investment in FDR for Tk.746.52 (Seven hundred forty six crore & fifty two lac) crore in 2017-18 started with a fund of Tk.350.00 crore (Three hundred fifty crore) only in 2008.

I take this opportunity to thank all the regulatory bodies for their steadfast support to BKGET. Thanks to the members of the Board of Trustees for their valuable contribution and support in managing the affairs of BKGET for achieving its objectives.

I express my felicitation and appreciation to our valued Banks and Financial Institutions whose dealings and quality of services towards BKGET have been outstanding and exceptional.

Md. Nasiruzzaman
Secretary Ministry of Agriculture &
Chairman, BKGET

Md. Nasiruzzaman  



19 August, 2020

Bangladesh Krishi Gobeshona Endowment Trust (BKGET) was established by the Government of Bangladesh in 20 April, 2008 as an entity under the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), in consultation with the Ministry of Finance.