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CGP Project with BKGET Fund by KGF

Project Briefs under KGF BKGET Funded Competitive Grants Program:

Competitive Grants Program (CGP) started under KGF BKGET fund in September 2012. Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF) invited proposals in the Daily Newspaper’s on September 03, 2012 for submitting CGP Project proposals within October 2012 based on 12 thematic areas/ Researchable issues of BARC. Within the deadline 128 proposals were submitted by researchers of different NARS institutes, Universities, Private sectors and NGOs.

For evaluating these projects KGF board formed 12-member Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Chairman of the TAC is Dr. Mahbub Hossain, Executive Director, BARC and Former DG, BIDS and former Head of Social Sciences Division, IRRI. The co-chairman of TAC is Dr. Zahurul Karim, former Executive Chairman, BARC and former Secretary, Govt. of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

Upon review by TAC, 71 projects (55.47%) out of 128 had been given to 50 subject matter experts (selected by TAC) for evaluation of these projects. TAC over viewed the expert evaluation reports and selected 30 proposals for presentation by the researchers (PI). Among them TAC recommended 12 projects (9.38%) with minor corrections. KGF Board approved 10 projects. Among these, 7 projects are in Crops sub-sector, 2 in Natural Resource sub-sector and 1 in Fisheries sub-sector. Institutionally 5 projects are under BARI, 3 projects are under Universities, 1 project under BRRI and rest 1 is under NGO where DOF and BSMRAU are working as associate organizations. Total budget of these 10 projects is about Tk. 500 lakh for 3 years. These projects will be implemented in 16 districts of 7 divisions.

Based on the contents of the 10 project proposals, the following Project Briefs (PBs) were developed:

1. Validation and Up-scaling of High Value Vegetable Crop production in Sylhet Region

2. Development/validation and up-scaling of dry direct seeded boro rice system for improving crop productivity in areas with limited water supply

3. Adaptation of High Yielding Soybean in Polder Areas in Barguna and Patuakhali Districts

4. Screening and testing of Improved Aus Rice Varieties/Genotypes Suitable for Rain fed Aerobic Soil Condition of Bangladesh

5. Year-Round Production of Some Selected HYV's and Hybrid Vegetable Varieties in Southern and HIilly Regions of Bangladesh

6. Validation and Up-scaling of HYV's of Brinjal, Tomato, Bottle Gourd, Ash Gourd and Pointed Gourd in Hilly Areas of Moulvibazar

7. Adaptation of Newly Released HYV Oil Seeds (Mustard, Groundnut, Soybean and Sesame) in Charland of Padma

8. Validation and Up-scaling of Resource Conservation Technologies (RCTs) for Improving Productivity in the Drought Prone Areas

9. Validation and Up-scaling of Tricho-Products for Soil Borne Disease Management in Vegetable Crops

10. Adaptation of Community Enterprise Approach for Intensification of Floodplain Fish Production in Chalan Beel

[ N B: For details of project please visit http://kgf.org.bd/page/kgf-bkget-project.html ]

19 August, 2020

Bangladesh Krishi Gobeshona Endowment Trust (BKGET) was established by the Government of Bangladesh in 20 April, 2008 as an entity under the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), in consultation with the Ministry of Finance.